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At last, an app to help us recycle all our waste!
👉 How do I recycle my cork?
👉 Which garbage can should I put my tissue paper in?
👉 How can I offer a second life to my tennis racket or my old computer?

Looping is a brand-new smartphone application that helps people sort and recycle their waste. It also gives practical advice on how to repair and offer a second life to used articles (shoes, fridge, bike, etc.).

Looping aims to be the "SHAZAM of recycling"
Users take a photo of their waste or used article, and Looping tells them how to recycle it or give it a second life.

Looping, a start-up with a mission, has set for itself the goal of bringing together all the recycling channels in Wallonia and Brussels into its app.

By using Looping, you can easily identify recyclable waste, find the nearest sorting centers and get tips on how to adopt an eco-responsible lifestyle. This way, you become a key player in the circular economy, enabling the recovery and reuse of a multitude of materials.Together, we can create a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly world.

Join the community of responsible citizens and commit yourself to a greener future!

The Looping app is available free of charge on the App Store and Google Play.

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Renaud Gryspeerdt

Co-founder & CEO


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